So here it is.  The perspective of the trainer.  I have been in this industry for over a decade and have been teaching new trainers how to begin and sustain their careers for almost as long.  And over the years you see the same stuff in the gyms everyday.  I tell my students that the more you learn here, the more painful it will be to go to your gym and watch other people workout.  You see the same people doing the same things and still wondering why they don’t get the results they are looking for.  Exercising and moving their bodies in such horrible movement patterns, that many would honestly be better off staying home.  Most end up either quitting or injured within weeks of beginning.  Yet, to these same people, if you suggest the directed work of a personal trainer, they recoil like you just suggested that they kick a defenseless kitten. “I know how to workout.”  “I used to workout in college/high school (insert your past tense here).”  “I don’t need a trainer.”  Well, yes, as a matter of fact, you do.  Probably more than anybody.  Because with someone who has never worked out before, I can teach you properly the first time, and ingrain good movement patterns.  With most, we have to unlearn basically everything that you know (or at least think you do) about exercise and start from scratch.  As I am writing, I am watching a perfect example.  You want to say something, but when you do, you are rebuffed again and again.  And America gets older and fatter and more dysfunctional every day.  People think that exercise is hard, and is not any fun.  Well, it is….in both cases.  Exercise IS hard.  It’s WORK, people!  People who have spent an entire lifetime getting their bodies all jacked up and out of whack expect to be able to fix all their issues in a couple of hours a week.  REALLY?!  It’s going to be a process and it’s going to require accountability.  That, I think, is what really gets people.  No one wants to be held accountable by someone else for their life choices.  Get over it.  You’ve proven time and again that you can’t handle the task yourself.  Plus, there is no reason that exercise has to be boring or routine or un-fun.  If it is, then you are clearly not doing the right stuff.  My clients and I go outside, we move sandbags, flip tires and generally have a great time.  Like being at the playground when you’re a kid.  And they ALL see results and enjoy what they are doing day in and day out.  If you have found that your exercise has gotten routine or boring or you are not getting what you want out of it, ask a trainer at  your gym, or if you don’t attend a traditional gym, seek out a trainer.  Find a listing website, such as or or any one of dozens of others and find a trainer in your area.  Get moving people!  Life is out there, and if you are not active and healthy, yours is getting shorter by the day.