Hello again.  I hope everyone had a fruitful and productive weekend.  I think today’s post is for everyone.  I want to talk about the difference in the fitness world between a Certified Personal Trainer and a Qualified Personal Trainer.  The problem is that the industry standard has been so diluted by quantity, that the quality of training has suffered significantly.  A Certified Personal Trainer is anyone who has taken a test and holds a certificate from a recognized body.  Unfortunately, there are currently over 300 certifying agencies for trainers around the world.  The problem with almost all of them is that someone, anyone can just sign up online, read a book, take a test and presto they are a personal trainer.  Scary, right?  In any other field that deals with the human body, there is legislation to regulate and weed out this very thing.  Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Cosmetology, etc.  But not yet with personal training.  Now, the industry is moving that way, which is good, but it’s not all the way there yet, so everyone has to be careful when researching and choosing a trainer.  Now a QUALIFIED Personal Trainer is a little bit different animal.  The qualified trainer will have gone through a nationally accredited program (such as NPTI, for example), and will have accrued hours of experience along with their education.  Our students here get 300 hours of actual classroom education.  They not only read about the human body, but understand it a lot more in-depth than most all trainers.  We just finished a unit in which we address the basic mechanical movement patterns of the human body.  Now, granted, it’s an introductory lesson, but even that is far more than most will address.  And that is the fundamental basis for adaptation…moving properly, right?  A qualified trainer will have a diversity in their program design capabilities.  So many trainers have all of their clients doing all the same stuff all the same time.  They have maybe 20 basic movements that they use and that’s it.  But not everyone is the same and does not deserve the same basic cookie-cutter workout, either.  We always tell our students that routine is the enemy of adaptation.  That means that the more different stuff your trainer can show you, the better you’re going to be.  A qualified trainer has the ability to work with so many different populations and a certified personal trainer just does not.  So I implore you…if you are looking at BEING a trainer, go to a good program and actually learn your stuff (NPTI would be a great foundation).  If you want to HIRE a trainer, do your research.  Get a good one and one that knows their stuff.  We are out there, but you have to filter through the trash to find the diamonds.  Do your homework.  Your body will thank you.