Good morning to everyone!  I’m sorry that I didn’t post on my usual Monday, but I’ve been under the weather with the nasty sinuses this weekend.  With that in mind, it brings me to today’s topic.  For decades, at the first sign of a sniffle, infection or issue, we have run to the doctor’s office.  They prescribe medicine and we’re happy….until something else pops up.  We go back, get more drugs and call it a day.  Then we get sick with something else.  Is anyone sensing a pattern here?  It’s the constant cycle of medicine and drugs that is helping KEEP us sick.  Now I’m not saying that I’m totally against medicine or medical drugs by any stretch of the imagination.  There are certain things that need to be medicated.  But there are a number of things that don’t.  There are things like cholesterol, blood pressure and in many cases, diabetes (just to name a few) that really don’t, or at least shouldn’t require us to be drugged on a daily basis.  The problem with many drugs (not all, but many) is that they are very reactionary.  They treat symptoms.  Treating the symptoms of a sickness is like trying to kill a weed by just cutting it off at the ground.  You still have the root underneath, and as long as that’s there, the weed will grow back.  Fact is, the symptoms of sickness are often just indicators of something deeper.  And just treating the symptoms is not good enough.  Plus, have you read the label on some of these medications?!  The side effects of some of these are straight up frightening…GI distress, vomiting, and memory loss just to name a few.  This is what I’m signing up for?  No, I’d rather go the alternative route, if it is available to me.  Things like Chiropractic, accupuncture and diet/exercise therapy have been shown in study after study after study to help alleviate not only the symptoms of problems, but the problems themselves because these alternative therapies go much deeper.  They take into account the whole system, and how everything in the body works with everything else.  Traditional medicine TENDS to look at the problem area independently without regard for how that effects the rest of the systems.  So what happens is that one system gets fixed, but it is at the cost of another, and you come up with another ailment.  I have believed for years that we are an over medicated society.  We have drugs and diagnoses for everything.  Much of which is fueled by massive drug companies who, no offense, could give a flying crap about your actual health and well-being.  If it’s profitable, they’re interested.  Healthy people aren’t profitable.  Connect the dots.  Anyway, that’s another discussion for another day.  But next time you get sick or get an owie, don’t run to the doc.  If your arm is broken, OK, then.  But if you have the sniffles, or if your back hurts, try something else.  Especially if what you’re doing now isn’t working.