So this is a message to all the exercisers and people out there who try and fail time after time at plan after plan.  No matter what you do, no matter which plan you try, there is one key ingredient that if it is not there you will continue to fail.  That ingredient is what I like to call the “Want-to”.  The Want-to is a magical thing.  It can make the untalented successful and the unmotivated go.  The Want-to can turn a so-so workout into the best of your life.  But if it is missing, it can take the best laid plans, programs and strategies and render them useless.

To explain the Want-to, let’s once again take the examples of the small ones in our lives.  Be it your children, nieces, nephews or whatever.  You know what’s best for them, right?  You’re an adult and that’s your job.  But what if what’s best for them is not what they are in to at the moment?  What do you get in response?  “I don’t WANT TO!”  And whatever it is does not get done, or if it does, then you have to end up re-doing it yourself anyway, right?  I have a 5 and 3 year old at home, and this is a battle that I have every single day (well almost, anyway).  And they’re just kids.

Now let’s take that to the adult level.  You are a fully functioning rational adult, right?  And you know that you are supposed to eat well and be consistently active.  You also know that if you don’t and aren’t that there are a whole host of bad conditions out there awaiting you like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer.  But you have GOT to have the Want-to.  The Want-to is that magical ingredient that can ONLY be supplied from within.  If you ain’t got it, there ain’t no one who can give it to you.  Period.  If you don’t want to be well, eat well, live well, then you are doomed from the start.  So the key is to find YOUR OWN PERSONAL WANT-TO.  Search your mind, search your body, search the depths of your soul.  Find your reason to do it.  Maybe you have an obese sibling, or a diabetic uncle, or you want to be able to attend your children’s high school and college graduations.  If you don’t find t Want-to, you may miss them all.  So make up your mind and take a stand against bad health and early death.  Find that Want-to and get on the ball.  Once you find it, use it!  If you need help with that part, I just so happen to know a bunch of people who can help you use your new-found Want-to to get where you need to go.