OK, so when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, right?  Jillian leaves the show. Yeah, no more screaming and yelling and idiocy!  So they replace Jillian with who else, but Anna Kournikova!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  I am not sure I could think of someone LESS apt to work with the obese than Miss Anna.  So what did NBC do?  They lost a cute minimally qualified brunette trainer and replaced her with an even less qualified blonde.  Way to take it in a whole different direction y’all.  Just because she is pretty and a former professional athlete does not qualify her as a trainer.  Good for her, her father taught and was a former wrestler and her mother was a 400m track star.  That’s like saying that my mother taught the German language for 20 years, so therefore I should be qualified to be a German Ambassador.  I know nothing of their language, culture or politics myself, so what business do I have in that profession?  Just like she has no first-hand knowledge of training (other than what she did to become a mediocre tennis player), so she has no business working with the morbidly obese.  Now, Anna IS certified.  ISSA.  Online.  $400.  Get a wild hair and you, too, could be a trainer in no time.  Good for her.  Way to put in the time and effort.  This was a “Hey Anna, we need you on the next season” move.  Where could you get a pseudo-legit credential real quick?  I’m just flabbergasted and disgusted.  I hope that the biggest loser and everyone involved with it rots.  The end.