Think about some of these that you have seen.  Please feel free to add your own and comment throughout the day.

You know that you really need to exercise if……

You can’t grocery shop without a mechanized cart. (Seriously, I saw a mother on one the other day AND HER PROBABLY 12 YEAR OLD SON ON ANOTHER.) Sad.

You can’t tie your own shoes.  Either because you can’t reach them or, better yet, can’t see them.

You will only buy a ranch house to avoid stairs.

If Dr. Pepper constitutes the main portion of your fluid intake for the day.

If, when asked what you want for lunch, you can bring up the menus of any fast food restaurant….from memory.

If Krispy Kreme is a food group to you.

If the heaviest thing that you lift is 12 ounces or in a cheesy triangle.

If the concept of the “UP” is totally foreign to you….sit-UP, push-UP, step-UP.

You drive around for 20 minutes to find the parking spot closest to the front door OF YOUR GYM.

Thank you, we’ll be here all week.