Hi all!  Hope that you had a fun-filled holiday weekend.  Any-who, short post today with just another benefit of exercise.  Did you know that exercise, in and of itself, can help reduce the risks of breast cancer?  And since this is a topic that touches so many lives, either directly or indirectly, it’s an important topic.  Cancers are funny things.  Not funny, HaHa, but funny weird.  They feed on hormones and sugars.  Now, outside of medical therapy, exercise is a biggie for these.  Exercise helps naturally alter  your body’s chemical levels, including keeping estrogen levels at bay.  Hard exercise (~80% or so of your max) is best.  It stimulates a certain chemical response in your body that is opposite of estrogen.  So go at it and go hard.  Not only that, but we already know that exercise helps keep blood sugar levels lower.  This not only keeps body weight down (another breast cancer risk), but it also deprives the cancerous cells of food to grow.  So, in order to prevent this awful thing, stay active.  Do hard work and keep after it.  Eat well and keep those good fats and proteins in your system.  Help the prevention rate and recovery rates!