Good day and I hope that you are all having a wonderful week, so far.  Early as it is in the week, anyway.  Well, to start off today, I need to give out a congratulations and a thank you.  First off, congratulations to Paul Hanft, my client, for finishing he SECOND Ironman Triathlon this weekend in Madison.  I know, right?  That is just silliness.  And he finished just a hair under 14 hours, which was the goal, to best last year’s time from Louisville.  So, congratulations on that feat.  Also, then, a thank you to Pam Strand for providing me with today’s real topic.  I’m not sure that any of you have heard this, and if you have, then I hope that you feel the same mixture of sympathy and disgust for this person.  So this guy, NY stockbroker.   Big guy, 290 lbs.  And for whatever reason, has an affinity for White Castle sliders (it’s beyond me….steamed burgers).  So this guy is suing White Castle.  Get this….because their booths are too small.  He is tired of hitting his legs on the iron supports!  Only in America, right?  So he’s suing for bigger chairs….AND DAMAGES!!  That is absolutely ridiculous!  So, let me get this straight.  Not only are you an uncontrollable junk food junkie, but now you’re suing your supplier for not accommodating your obesity.  And guess what he’s using as a defense…the American’s with Disabilities Act.  Comparing himself to pregnant women.  Not the same pal.  One’s a miracle of nature, and you’re just sad.  I hate you and I hope that the judge in this case laughs in your face and throws you out of court to be banished from humanity forever.  Get a clue dude.  Oh, and get this.  While he is suing, he won’t even give up eating at (and thusly supporting) the people he’s suing.  He won’t go in to get the sliders himself, now, he just sends his wife, instead.  Yikes.