So I’m on the way home last night and I’m listening to the Cubs game (I know, like giving a drowning man a drink of water, right?).  Anyway, they are talking with Ron Santo’s widow and a rep (I believe) from JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  Anyway, they are talking about something that I just think is really cool.  I’m sure that you’re all aware of seeing eye dogs.  These animals are trained to be their owners’ sight.  Anyway, they have been able to train dogs to tell when a diabetic’s blood sugar levels are off.  Apparently, when a person’s blood sugar levels are either too high, or too low, it changes the secretion pattern of their pheromones (chemicals that our body secretes naturally).  The dogs can pick up the scents and have been trained to know the difference between normal and not.  And they can then alert their owner that their blood sugar levels are askew.  The cool thing is is that they can pick up the scents about 20 minutes before a glucometer  can read levels in the blood.  So it’s like an early warning system for hyper- or hypoglycemia, which any diabetic knows can be dangerous and even fatal.  So if you are a diabetic, or someone close to you is, check it out.  Look at the website to find out more information.  Happy week.