Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.  A quote from Thomas Edison a couple hundred years ago.  Still true and especially applied to exercise.  I have been watching people walk in and out of gyms as a participant for 20 years and a trainer for 13, and nothing applies more.  You can’t be afraid to break an egg or break a sweat.  “Breaking eggs” means doing something different.  Every month, every week, every day.  Try something new and don’t be afraid to suck at it (at least at first).  This is how we create new synapses in our brain and make ourselves more functional human beings.  Breaking a sweat means just what it says.  If you want to achieve success, you have to work harder than you are accustomed to.  You have to take your body to the edge of it’s capabilities and step right over that line.  Now, there is no need to go sprinting straight through that line, but stepping over it is a good thing.  Your body gets the sense of something accomplished an something new.   So make today the start of something new.  Something different.  Something successful.  If you keep trying the same thing and failing, try something different.  Makes sense, right?  Be inspired, PERSPIRE!!