I know that I’m a day early on my post for this week, but sometimes something hits you and you have to take the time to think.  We sometimes get the notion that professional athletes are machines.  We think this because they go out and have phenomenal physical attributes and put them on display every day for our entertainment.  Sometimes we get so swept up that we forget that these men and women are human, just like you and I.  Now, I do not profess to be a racing enthusiast, but yesterday occurred a truthful example.  At the IndyCar race in Vegas yesterday, fans were witness to an historic crash.  A 15 car pile up on the speedway, in which racer Dan Wheldon lost his life due to “unsurvivable injuries”.  You saw racers, competitors, fans and families weep for one of their own.  And it’s only during these times, it seems that we think about the humanity of these athletes.  That they have wives, children, parents and friends, just like you and I.  But all too often, people get caught up in the ugliness of sport.  So then next time that you’re at a game and want to scream to some athlete who just struck out about his wife, kid or mother….remember what you think when someone would say the same on the street about yours.  Grow up and take the high road.