As an instructor in the fitness industry, part of my job is to keep up with what is current.  Part of that has to do with watching what other trainers do and don’t do with their clientele.  And sometimes it just saddens me what I see.  I go to places and see trainers day after day putting their full clientele through the same workout routines regardless of their goals.  I watch trainers put 60+ year old ladies through exercises that only bodybuilders would benefit from.  I watch trainers handle equipment like kettlebells with no idea of what they are doing.  I know many of you work with or ARE trainers out there.  The one thing that I want is to make sure that both trainer and client are always on the same page.  For instance; I once had a 63 year old female client.  She came to the studio that I worked at with bad Sciatic Nerve pain that shot down her right leg.  We went through and eval and she could not complete 3 minutes of stepping on a 12″ box.  Pretty tough.  So, instead of trying to pry her into what I had other clients doing at the time, we worked on basic fitness and mobility.  Sure enough about 8 weeks later at our re-eval, she not only completed the test, but was even in about a 50% range for her age.  Huge improvement.  She also subjectively noted that it no longer hurt to get in and out of her car, and that she simply felt more stable on her feet.  That is what trainers are here for.  Not necessarily to build huge amounts of muscle or get our clients’ mile times down (although those may apply, as well).  It’s to transform our clients into healthier people.  In order to do that, a trainer has to LISTEN!  Talk to your client and find out what THEY want to do, not what the trainer THINKS they should do.  So, trainers, ask your clients this week: “What do you want to work on RIGHT NOW?”  “What do you want to get out of this?”  And clients, talk to your trainers.  Have they ever asked your real goals?  Or when was the last time they checked in?  You might be surprised at what you learn.