Heroes.   When most people talk about heroes, they talk about athletes.  People who can perform phenomenal feats of physical prowess.  Or movie stars.  Those who make insane amounts of money to entertain us.  These people are not heroes.  Just because you’re rich or famous does not make you any more important than anyone else.  We don’t’ really care about your views on politics or what is going on in the world.  Because, quite honestly, most of the time you people are so out of touch with reality that it’s sickening.  The people I am talking about today are REAL heroes.  Soldiers, workers and medics who put in tireless hours in the God forsaken desert and the furthest corners of the world to make sure that your freedom is free.  They don’t make millions of dollars, and no one listens when they give political opinions.  But these are the real heroes in the world.  Without them, our freedom may not be taken for granted.  It may not be anything at all.  So on this Veteran’s Day weekend, take a minute.  If you see a soldier on the street, or in the store or in the airport, say “Thanks”.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for your sacrifice and Thank you for your dedication and commitment to people that you don’t even know, so that we may say what we want and do what we want, whenever we want.  These are the people that make our “Occupy Protests” and even my blog possible.  The next time you think about freedom and your rights and liberties, think about who brings them to you, and be thankful.  Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served past and present!