Lots is always made about soy products.  Beans, tofu, etc.  It is believed to be really good for you and healthy and a terrific substitute for meat.  Well, here are some facts about soy that most people don’t know.

10.  Soy does NOT provide a complete protein.  It lacks 2 of the 9 essential Amino Acids that our body cannot produce (methionine and cystine).  In addition, modern processing crushes a third (lysine)

9.  Soy can cause deficiencies in Calcium and Vitamin D, by not allowing the body to properly process them.  This can lead to low bone mass and osteoporosis.

8.  Soy may promote the build up and spread of tumors.  This occurs because soy causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels, and tumors (especially breast tumors) feed off estrogen.

7.  Soy can block proper neural function in the brain, leading to cognitive issues.  In a worst case scenario it has been linked to the possible increased risk of alzheimer’s

6.  Soy has been linked to lowered sex drive and infertility.  In fact, in Asian cultures, women used to give their husbands soy products to reduce virility.

5.  Soy has been linked to hypothyroidism.  Symptoms include lethargy, weight gain and fatigue.

4.  Asian cultures traditionally used soybean oil not as food, but rather to light kerosene type lamps, make soap, caulk boats and lubricate machinery.

3.  If soybeans are stored with grains, rats will eat the grains first and the soybeans last.  Even they know the difference.

2.  The FDA recommends soy to prevent heart disease, but there are over 300 references to soy in their “poisonous plant database”.

1.  Since most modern soy products are not fermented to reduce the presence of poisonous toxins, it creates havoc in the body.  To which your body’s response is to have to ferment it by itself.  The resultant gas makes heavy soy eaters very unpleasant to be around.  The king of all musical fruits.