So, if you all are anything like me, last Thursday you celebrated Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  One of my favorites, I must admit.  An excuse to make an attempt at consuming your body weight in calories in a single day.  Where do you go wrong.  The average person will actually consume about 5,000 calories on that day alone.  Nice.  Anyway, if you’re also like me, then as soon as dinner is over, you are pretty much on a bee-line for the couch to go comatose for the next couple of hours.  Just a complete zombie because of all the Tryptophan in the turkey.  Tryptophan is an Amino Acid that creates the release of the hormone Serotonin, which makes you sleepy.  It’s the reason that your grandma gave you warm milk when you couldn’t sleep (milk also contains this amino).  But not so fast, amigo.  It’s not the tryptophan that makes you sleepy.  By the time your body actually has time to process and utilize the food that you just stuffed yourself with, you’ve been in dreamland and probably back, for that matter.  There is only one part of that food that is readily available and in your system that quickly.  To figure out what it is, let take the turkey our and analyze the rest of your meal.  I’ll use mine as an example.  We had mashed potatoes (a staple), cheesy broccoli rice casserole, dinner rolls and 24-hour salad (a concoction of grapes, pineapple, marshmallows and whipping cream.  I know, right?!).  What is the common link to all of those foods?  Starch and carbs.  It is probably one of the biggest times that we just stuff ourselves with carbohydrates.  Not that I’m arguing, just stating facts.  So in response, your body has to spike the insulin levels to process all that carb, and THAT, my friend, is what makes you sleepy.  So give Tom Turkey a break, and eat away.  Enjoy your carbs and enjoy your nap.  I know I did.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.