So, if you’re like most of us, not only do the holidays mean too much food, but also too much to drink.  And coming with it (especially as I get older), the inevitable hangover.  So that led me to look at what actually causes the searing, pounding headache that renders some (no names) useless for a 24 hour time period.  So here’s what I found.  The biggest part of any hangover is due to the overall diuretic effect of alcohol.  It drains your body of water, as well as essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium.  So we would normally think Gatorade is the cure, but I’ve got a better option.  The issue with Gatorade is the syrup content.  It is so thick that it literally sits in your stomach like a sticky brick.  Tasty, but not as useful if our body can’t get to it in time, thus prolonging our agony.  My better solution is coconut water.  No, I haven’t lost it.  Coconut water is in it’s basest sense….WATER!  Which means that the body can easily get to it and use it once it’s in the system.  But the bonus is that coconut water is ridiculously electrolyte dense.  Makes Gatorade look useless.  The nice thing is that you can get coconut water almost anywhere.  It’s available at most grocery stores.  You could find it in one of two places, the hispanic food aisle or in some “organic” aisle of your local store.  Just look on the label and make sure that it’s made from young green coconuts, not mature brown ones.  Happy Holidays and Happy Hangover!