Everybody loves a challenge!  It brings out the best in our inherent competitive nature.  For some of us, it brings out some of the worst, too, but that’s another discussion for another day.  So, here it is.  Your December Challenge!  Don’t give up on your routine.  Typically, the holidays come about and everyone falls off the wagon.  And that’s the excuse.  “Well it’s the Holidays.”  Be good.  Be strong.  Be disciplined.  Just because it’s that time of year does not mean that you have to go completely berserk with food and drink.  I’m not saying to not have fun.  Lord knows I am sure going to try.  But it also doesn’t mean that you have to jump off the deep end and feel guilty about it for the next 3 months of strict dieting and starvation (which don’t work anyway).  So challenge yourself to be better than that.  Don’t gain the “Holiday 10”.  Make it 3.  Or 4.  Or 2.  Stay active and make good portioning choices.  Have one cookie instead of 6 (OK, maybe 2).  You’ll feel better about the new year and won’t have to be one of those crazy resolutioners that clog up our gyms and make the dedicated of us park so far away in the cold (buggers).  I look forward to hearing how you stick it out.  Good luck, and thanks for reading.