Whenever I work with a client, I emphasize one thing.  I am going to work with you for 2-3 hours per week.  That leaves 165 hours for you to screw up what I’ve done, which most people will do.  People with a trainer twice a week and just expect to magically reach their goals.  Someone even went as far as to ask another trainer that I know what SHE would do to guarantee that woman’s success.  Setting her trainer up for failure from the get go, while relieving herself of any blame what-so-ever.  The 2-3 hours per week that you work out with your trainer encompasses about 2% of your week.  What you do with the other 98% is REALLY what is going to determine whether you succeed or fail.  Now, lets take 33% of that out right now with sleep.  If you do not sleep properly, your body cannot process properly.  Lack of sleep messes up neural and hormonal function in your body, thusly impairing function and the ability to lose weight or see physical improvement.  So get your rest.  Do you go to the gym on your own?  Is it a priority, or does it get lost in the shuffle.  My wife, Michelle, is a perfect example.  We are 2 busy people, no different than anyone else.  Due to the nature of our jobs (she is a massage therapist), our schedules do not coincide, they overlap.  Pretty much the extent of our contact until the weekend is in the morning before I leave or after 8pm when the boys are asleep.  One gets home the other leaves right away.  Anyway, the point is that over the last year, she has made her health and fitness a priority.  She gets up anywhere from 2-4 days per week (depending on the week) before the boys, or even myself get up (around 6am usually) and works out in our basement with the equipment that we have.  We don’t have tons of stuff, and you don’t need it either.  Few sets of Dumbells, ropeless jump rope and a couple medicine balls.  She uses her 98% smartly and MAKES exercise a priority.  Therefore, she sees results and is happy with how she looks.  She gets up when other people hit the snooze.  Now one of her friends comes over and works with her.  Another priority maker.  But even that will be undone if you workout in the morning just to ruin it with fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Be smart with your body and be smart with your food.  Make the efforts and you’ll see the results.  Use YOUR 98%, and don’t rely on the 2% to work.  The math just doesn’t add up.