So, it’s Wednesday. I’m just realizing that I didn’t write yesterday and just getting my first workout in since last week. The only reason I got that is because my training schedule for today fell apart. So I went to my local gym instead of my work just to get a quickie. Anyway, you guys all know that I always advocate proper running mechanics and that it starts with foot placement. My current choice of shoe to help me is the Reebok Real Flex. Like them, don’t love them. Anyway, as i walk into this gym, I am almost overwhelmed. No less than 5 different people had these shoes on, as well, and I’m thinking….”Hey, it’s working, people are getting it.” No, they aren’t. Not one of these people ran anything close to well. Hardcore heel-strikers all, and one didn’t even run, just walked around the track with his cell phone glued to his ear. Productive, right? Anyway, just a reminder, if you want minimalist shoes, you have to be a minimalist runner. Otherwise you are going to end up hurt. Be careful, be good and learn to run first. Have a good week, and I’ll try to get pissed off about something else before the week is up.

PS – I was pretty flatlined on the scale from last week, how did you do?