First off, welcome back to The Truth About Exercise.  Happy New Year to everyone out there, and I’d like to apologize for my somewhat lengthy absence.  With the holidays finishing and us having a new class starting here at school, the past couple of weeks have just been a seriously dizzy tizzy.  Anyway, here’s to a busy and productive 2012.  Thanks so much to everyone who read in 2011.  I’m surprised that I’m still with this.  On that note, here we go in 2012.  Have you taken the opportunity, in the business, to update your fitness resolutions along with all of the other resolutions that you made?  I know that no one REALLY tries to keep their resolutions for an extended period of time, but try to do this one…make the committment to make ONE small change to your diet and/or activity routine.  Personally, I am trying to to be better about not talking myself out of workout when I’m tired.  Making the time and taking my own advice, I suppose.  Also, I’d like to make a small plug.  I will be interviewed for a documentary this afternoon (which I will try to get on here), by award-winning author JA Konrath.  He has decided to undertake a 30-day beer and water diet, and supposedly it’s my job to provide the voice of reason as to why he’s nuts.  You can follow his 30-day trek here.  Good luck to you all in 2012 and PLEASE keep reading.