Many of you may be familiar with JA Konrath.  He is a respected and well sold author.  He sells mainly ebooks these days, as you can self-publish.  Anyway, Mr. Konrath is a client of a former student of mine and for whatever reason, had decided to embark on a 30-day beer and water diet.  The basic premise being both weight-loss and experiment to see how much weight he could lose on basically a liquid fast and what, if anything, it would do to the body.  You can follow his trek here.  Anyway, Mr. Konrath interviewed me as a field expert (I know, can you believe it?).  We sat down last week and discussed the possible things that could happen to his body and what a bad idea this was for him.  I told him of not only the tissue loss and dehydration issues (which would be the least of his concerns), but also of increased triglyceride levels, fatty deposits around the liver and higher acid contents in the blood.  Well, turns out, we have a winner.  One thing that beer/alcohol does to the body long term is increase uric acid levels.  You may be familiar because uric acid is what leads to attacks of gout (or THE gout, as we like to call it).  Unfortunately for Mr. Konrath, it is also associated with the development of kidney stones.  One of which he passed the other day.  If any of you have ever had kidney stones, you know that they are just about the most painful thing on Earth.  Imagine trying to piss out a rock.  That’s what you’re doing.  Luckily enough, his was small, but if it keeps up, they could get bigger.  Fasting is bad.  Should not be done.  Too much can go wrong if the body is not consistently fed, especially over long term periods of time.