Well, as usual, here we go.  The fitness industry is finally making mainstream recommendations, only a couple of years late.  As many of you know, the smartest people in the industry have been recommending what we call “functional movements” for a long, long time.  Functional movements are movements/exercises that do NOT isolate single muscle groups away from each other.  Rather, they include multiple joints, muscles and systems simultaneously.  These movements have much more applicable value to daily life and athletics than movements like bicep curls and leg extensions that isolate single muscle groups and have virtually no real world application.  Ask yourself this…”When was the last time that I did something around the house that required me to isolate a single muscle?”  Or in sports?  Or in life?  Your answer is probably never, because we never do that sort of thing.  Even the simplest movements require very complex interactions between many of the body’s systems.  Single joint exercises are for bodybuilders and rehabilitation of an injury.  That’s about it.  But mainstream media is just recognizing this in 2012 and acting like it’s a new discovery.  Always behind.  So, in your own routines, eliminate the single joint exercises.  Get more value out of your workout.  More presses, less curls.  More squats, lunges, etc.  Bear crawl, crab walk and inch worm your way to better health and a better body!