So, as a trainer, here’s one that I hear WAY too much.  “I’m not losing weight because when you workout, muscle weighs more than fat.”  Muscle weighs more than fat?  Really?  Take one pound of solid cement and put it on the scale next to one pound of marshmallows.  What do you get?  One pound of each.  Right?  Now, in order to get one pound of marshmallows, you have to have a lot more of them and they take up a lot less space, right?  One pound of cement is probably a little bigger than a golf ball.  A pound of marshmallows is an entire bag, and maybe then some.  THAT’s the issue we’re talking about.  Density.  Good trainers hate scales.  They are totally arbitrary and really don’t mean anything.  As you workout, you burn fat and build muscle (assuming you don’t make the massive mistake of only cardio).  Therefore, even if you replace 5lbs of fat with 5lbs of muscle, you are now more dense.  And therefore, you take up less space, and your pants fit better.  Pretty neat, huh?  So, don’t go around telling people that muscle weighs more than fat, and that’s why you’ve gained weight and your clothes don’t fit.  Not true.  This has been another fitness myth debunked.  You’re welcome and have a terrific day!