So, this is what we are reduced to!  Fitbie (a subsidiary of MSN) has released an article on the Laziest Ways to Lose Weight.  C’mon!!  That’s what we are down to?  We have to be lazy even when we are trying to lose weight?  Losing weight isn’t supposed to be easy!  It’s hard work.  Getting fat is easy, dumbass!  I was under the impression that being lazy is how we got into this obesity predicament in the first place!  And some of the suggestions?  Multi-task while you watch TV.  So doing a couple of stretches or crunches during the commercials is going to cancel out the bag of chips and ice-cream just waiting for you when you continue?  Shorten your shopping trip.  I understand the premise, but if you rush the shopping trip, you tend to buy the cheapest stuff.  Guess what’s cheap?  Garbage.  Shopping good means reading labels and comparing.  My average grocery trip is over an hour.  The bottom line is that you cannot get thin by being lazy.  It just doesn’t work.  How about show some self-control and discipline?  See if that works for you.  Instead of Americans always trying to take the easy way out and get something for nothing, how about we decide to kick some ass and put in some real work.  That’s how you achieve ANYTHING!  Go get ’em.