The great equalizer and the great mystery.  What truly causes cancer and how the hell do we treat it?  Well, there may be some insight.  The fact is is that cancerous cells in the body are mutant forms of the original cell.  They mutate to allow them to grow faster in normal environments which allows them to spread, sometimes at alarming rates.  Well, each time that these cells go through a metabolic change that allows them to grow and metastisize and spread, the tumor must give up something in return.  Dr. Valter Longo, PhD theorizes that what tumors must give up is the ability to survive in extreme environments.  This led to some study on mice and a limited human basis for studying the effects of the combination of intermittent fasting and chemotherapy.  This, opposed to chemo alone.  He found that when treated with chemo alone, the mice that had a particularly aggressive form of cancer all died from the disease.  But when combined with fasting (60ish hours before and 24 hours after treatment), that 20-40% of the mice were cured, depending on the initial severity of their condition.  Promising news.  Promising enough to follow 10 human trials, who so far have reported, if nothing else, fewer of the side-effects from the chemo treatments.  Now, this news is too new to be reliable yet, but offers promise, if nothing else.  With all the money that is pushed into cancer medication and treatment each year, would it not be nice if at least part of the answer were simple?  Further results from the studies should be released next year.  Cross your fingers and hope.