So, imagine, if you will, the germs and bacteria in your body.  They’re there, believe me.  And ever since the late 1800’s, we’ve believed that it’s these germs and bacteria that cause illness and disease.  This is the basis of the Germ Theory of Disease that was put out by Dr. Louis Pasteur.  It is what has been wholly accepted for over a century.  It’s what has led to many scientific breakthroughs like anti-biotics, pennicillin and the like.  What if it weren’t the whole truth?  What if it wasn’t the germs themselves that CAUSED the disease, but were allowed to colonize and proliferate BECAUSE OF the disease condition?  And by killing the germs, we weren’t really stopping the disease, but just putting a temporary halt to the symptoms?  Like flies to garbage.  They don’t cause it to be there.  And by shoo-ing the flies away, we don’t get rid of the garbage, do we?  What if we CREATED that “garbage terrain” with what we ate and did every day, and that just created an environment that allowed bacteria (which are scavengers by nature) to thrive?  But if we could ship out the garbage, then the scavengers would have nothing to feed on, and would die off, right?  Well, we can.  We can clean up the cess-pool that is our body’s internal terrain.  The fact is is that most of what we put in our bodies on a daily basis is very acidic.  Meat, carbonated drinks, processed sugars, grains, etc.  Acidity is also caused by stress and toxic emotions (like hatred, disdain and depression).  This creates an alteration in your body’s pH level and makes it more acidic, causing healthy tissues to weaken and die.  THIS is what gives viruses and bacteria the ground to feed and colonize.  We can re-alter our pH level by counter-acting some of that with alkaline substances like vegetables (raw is best), fruits, nuts, legumes (beans and peas), as well as milk, water (filtered) and yogurt.  This will help neutralize the playing field and keep your body healthy.  It’s no wonder that people who eat well get sick less, and people whose diets are less than sound get sick more.  People truly underestimate the value of good quality food.  Don’t make the same mistake.