How many of you take dietary supplements?  Multi-vitamins, protein shakes, fish oil or anything else?  We’ve all done it because we think it’s a healthy way to get into our bodies what we don’t get from our food.  Well, you may think about slowing that racer down.  Recently, nutritional supplements have come under a lot of fire for not only being not as good as advertised, but in a lot of cases, downright harmful in their effects.  Chris Hansen of MSNBC recently did an undercover report where he started a “company” that made purposely dangerous supplements just to see if he could get them approved and passed through to general consumption (without the intent to sell, of course).  Supplements that had blatently toxic levels of certain minerals and even heavy metals like arsenic.  Every product passed through with flying colors.  Makes  you wonder what is REALLY going into your body, doesn’t it?  Also, a very recent Dutch study confirmed that supplements with vitamins A and E have been responsible for the majority of toxicity issues related to those vitamins.  This confirmed a similar study that was published in 2008 in regards to the same thing.  The fact is is that what is in the supplements is NOT food.  It is synthetic derivatives of vitamins and minerals.  It is actually very hard to toxify your body on food alone.  But when supplements are used, we see it all the time.  Plus, supplements are expensive.  People gripe all the time about the cost of food, but will happily spend hundreds of dollars a month on pills and powders.  Most of which are doing more harm in your body than good.  Do yourself a favor and ween off the supplements.  Eat better and make that committment.  Your body will be much happier for it.