People who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner!  Wouldn’t that be just about the awesomest headline you ever saw?!  What if it weren’t hypothetical?  What if it were true?  A recent study suggests that it just may be.  Data suggests that people who eat chocolate a few times per week on average were slimmer than those who only ate it occasionally.  Now before you go reaching for the Hershey’s, note….it was an association, and not a direct link.  This is not the first time that chocolate has been advocated as good for us.  Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, contains ingredients known as antioxidants and catechins.  Substances which have positive effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.  These catechins also seem to have a positive effect on lean muscle mass.  However, it does appear that the type of chocolate matters, too.  It has to be dark.  Milk chocolate seems to inhibit the uptake and absorption of these substances.  Even if you wash dark chocolate down with a glass of milk, it seems to dull the effect.  So go and indulge.  Enjoy yourself.  Seems that, once again, Mother Nature had it right all along.  She created it, and it’s good for us.  Imagine that!