So, lately, one of the more popular diet trends has been the Cleanse.  Or the Detox, as it is called.  Everyone is doing it.  From your average John or Jane Doe to celebrities in the lime light.  Now, while detoxifying our system every now and then may be a good thing.  Ridding of the toxins and garbage that we put into our bodies on a daily basis, we here at The Truth About Exercise, feel that there is a better way (who thought that I’d have an opinion, right?). Anyway, a cleansing or detox shouldn’t be something that you have to do for anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks (depending upon your choice), but rather  something that should be included in your regimen on a daily basis.  And, as usual, Mother Nature has not let us down.  There are foods out there that will not only help keep your system clean AND are delicious to boot.

Red and purple Grapes:  Not only delicious and will help to quell that sugar craving, but also are bursting with Antioxidants and reservatrol, which will also lower the risk of diabetes and cancer.  Food, not juice, though.

Kale:  This has been popping up in more and more of my research.  Kale is now even being listed as a super-food.  Not only high in fiber, but also vitamins A, C and K.  Not only that, but kale is also super alkaline, which helps to reduce the acidity in the body, which we know is HUGE for disease prevention.

Red and Black Beans:  High amounts of fiber, and a huge dose of protein.  Also big in iron (good for those who may border on or be anemic).  Black beans (a staple in our home) also are high in B-vitamins and flavonoids that benefit not only cardiovascular health, but also are essential during pregnancy.

Brussels Sprouts:  Here, we deviate from the deliciousness issue.  Blech!  Good for you, though.  Containing fair amounts of Vitamin C and other anitoxidants, they can help keep your system clean and help to prevent cancer.

Papaya:  OK, back to reality.  Papaya has good quantities of Vitamin A and C, and substances known as chymopapain and papain complexes help to promote colon health.

The other nice thing about these is that they are totally available.  These are foods that you don’t have to shop around for, but are abundant, inexpensive and available at any grocery store.  So promote your own health.  A little a day, and you’ll never have to do a 3-week juice cleanse or anything silly like that.