So, apparently, Kim Kardashian made another poor life choice based on money.  Last week, Skechers, the ultra popular shoe company agreed to a $40 million settlement in a class action suit against their Shape Up line of shoes.  For those of you readers who have heard me rail about this in the way past, it’s about time.  Last year, Reebok got hit with a $25 million fine for their version of the toning shoe.  Now, Skechers has had to follow suit to a bigger tune.  For those of you who don’t know, toning shoes (whoever makes their own version) were touted as the next best thing.  Activation of postural musculature and more calories burned and more weight loss than working out in regular shoes.  Their elliptical sole shape supposedly made all the difference.  Well, not so.  Not only is it silly and dumb to think that your shoe makes you burn more calories.  But it’s also counter intuitive.  Look at the bottom of your foot.  I’ll wait, go ahead…..OK, tell me which way the arch of your foot bends?  Up, right?  Away from the ground, in order to absorb force. Which way does the toning shoe bend?  Towards the ground.  Not allowing the foot to work in the way that it is designed to.  People are coming up with hamstring issues, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and back pain to just start a list.  Now, while I’m not condoning those who go for the latest fad, forget common sense and then bitch and moan when it doesn’t work, this is just another example.  Skechers is getting fined because their research was faulty to be nice, and outright deceptive to be honest.  Shady research done by a doctor who was married to a Sr. marketing rep at Skechers.  Conflict of interest?  Eh, no worries.  Tell us what we want to hear, and they’ll buy the shoes.  They were right, to the tune of over $1 billion in sales in 2011.  Yikes.  Did anyone ever stop to think that the extra weight loss and postural strength wasn’t due to the shoes, but simply to the fact that you had a bunch of out of shape people actually getting off their butts and walking.  Whether it was due to the shoes or not, is irrelevant.  They were up and moving.  THAT’S what made the difference.  I am still, and will always be a minimalist shoe fan.  The less the better, as far as I’m concerned.  But just getting all those people up and mobile.  It’s just too bad that they’re all injured and sueing now, or else they may stay active after turning in their Shape-ups or whatever other brand they had.  Here’s to hoping.