“It is historical continuity that maintains most assumption, not repeated assessment of their validity.” – Edward de Bono.  So right with so many different things, including exercise.  Ask yourself “Why do I do it?”?  Because of some scientifically validated principle, or because so-and-so told me to.  Whether so-and-so be a friend, team mate, video or trainer.  We do SO MUCH just because we are told to.  Accepted truth.  Lemmings are a fantastic example of this group mentality.  They commit mass suicide by running off cliffs.  Not because it is biologically necessary, but because the one next to them is.  Crazy.  For centuries, it was accepted truth that the Earth was flat.  Not by science, but by blind faith.  Silly.  I hereby challenge you.  I challenge you to challenge the “truth”.  Question it.  Explore it.  Re-think it.  Why is this the way?  Could there be a better way?  Look at your exercise program and ask yourself why you are doing it.  You might be surprised and appalled at the answer, because it’s just because it’s what you’ve always done.  You don’t know why it’s good (or IF it’s good, for that matter).  But you do it. I tell my classes all the time here.  Just because it’s accepted, doesn’t mean that it’s right.  Use your ability to reason, and don’t accept things on blind faith.  Analyze it, question it, RE-THINK it!  NOW, go exercise.