No, really!  I promise it’s not boring!  Well, not to me anyway.  So I was doing some research yesterday.  Researching vegetarianism and it’s roots.  What I was looking for was where the genesis of the thought that eating no meat and/or animal products is a healthier way of life.  So what I found is that vegetarianism dates back to BC times (various points, depending on what time lines/religions you follow).  And that it’s popularity has come and gone in waves over the centuries and millenia.  What I did NOT find, however, was hard proof that it’s a healthier better lifestyle.  the popularity and premise of vegetarianism has, in truth, always been based on moral, ethical and religious belief, not scientific study.  It started with Hindus who practice nonviolence to animals (“ahinsa“).  By belief, not health.  Through Buddhism, certain sects of Christianity and modern times, it’s all the same.  Not proof, belief.  And even today, for all the studies that say that vegetarianism is a healthier way to a longer life, I could find just as much scientific study that says it isn’t.  Meat, in fact, is good for you.  There is a reason that man evolved as hunters first, and gatherers second.  Hunting is instinct and farming is learned.  Meat is not inherently bad for you, as some would have you believe.  It has vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you really don’t get much of anywhere else.  Personally, I am a carnivore.  I am not against vegetarians or vegetarianism.  But to those who spout “proof” that it is better for you and that meat is the root of all health problems, I say prove it.  Definitively and beyond a reasonable doubt.  That’s a harder path to go.  Now, this will probably offend some people, and I”m OK with that.  It’s not the true origin of the word, but it was just way too funny to pass up.  Enjoy.