It’s a fabulous word.  It’s a word that we LOVE in our vocabulary.  We love it because it gives us the right to do anything and everything that we want.  I’m not cheating on my diet, I’m just indulging myself.  And that is not always a bad thing.  Especially this week.  July 4th.  Most people are off work and we will be barbequeing all week.  I say go.  Do it.  99% of us are not elite athletes.  We take care of ourselves, but if you are taking such good care of yourself that you can’t have any fun or ANY indulgences….ever….that is not enjoyable.  Ask athletes.  Ask them what they sacrifice to be where they are.  It’s really tough, and for most of us, it is neither realistic, nor worth it.  So enjoy yourself, and don’t feel guilty about what you eat, drink or do over the week. Now, that is not the so-called “Golden Ticket”.  Try to do something over the week.  Take a run or hit the gym or something.  Keep it in moderation, but don’t deprive yourself of enjoying life.  That makes life no fun.