July 2012

So, if you’re anything like me, you spent most of the weekend with the TV on.  And this weekend I made an exception.  Usually, if I”m watching the tube, it is something relatively mindless (Simpsons, Family Guy, or a movie that I’ve ALREADY seen, so I don’t have to worry about thinking).  This weekend, it was the Olympics.  And I hope that you had it on, too.  Not for the rah, rah aspect.  It’s nice, but I could honestly care less who wins most of the events.  But for the shear commitment to excellence that these athletes make.  The sacrifices that they make in order to be at the top of their respective games.  They don’t over-indulge when they really want to.  They train even when they don’t want to.  They give everything that they have every day.  Makes you feel kind of bad about not working out today, doesn’t it?   But I encourage you to watch the Olympics for the spectacle of it.  The pure physical prowess and the skill.  Watch them swim, run, jump and throw.  If you truly sit back and think about it, it’s astounding.  Really breathtaking how AWESOME these men and women (from every country) are.  Think of the commitment, the sacrifice and the ABILITY that these athletes are putting on display for the world, and appreciate it in a whole new light.   Now go and make a commitment of your own.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It’s one of those famous euphamisms that Dads tell their kids when they want them to be patient.  Which to us sounded really stupid.  Well, duh, Dad.  Anyway, now as a personal trainer, I hate to say it, but Dad was right.  It wasn’t.  And neither were you.  YOU are a product of years of cultivation.  Painstaking attention to nutrition, exercise, hygiene and detail.  Doesn’t sound like you (or someone you know)?  Hmm.  Truth is is that lots and lots of people spend years and decades ignoring their bodies.  Letting them get soft, letting them decay.  Then, at some point, they reach critical mass and decide that it’s finally time to do something.  So they do.  They eat better and workout.  And when the weight doesn’t just melt off like butter, they give up.  “I tried and it didn’t work.”  They want to undertake a herculean re-structuring of their body, but they don’t want to have to put in the attention to detail and time that it’s going to take.  Now, you readers of The Truth know better (I would hope) by now.  Health and fitness is a LIFESTYLE, not a fad.  If you’re going to do it, you have to go all in, or it doesn’t work.  You have to commit to the details and the changes.  For those who can, they will reap the rewards.  But remember, you only reap what you sow.  And if you plant and cultivate trash, that’s exactly what you’ll harvest from your body.

Some people are still of the opinion, even in this day and age that TIME translates to RESULTS.  They think that if they don’t spend “x” amount of time in the gym, then the workout wasn’t worth it.  They sneer at things like Crossfit, P90X and Insanity.  They won’t attend bootcamps or 30 minute training sessions.  What could I possibly get out of THAT?  I have to workout for an hour or more to get real results, burn real fat and see real gains.  We know that NOTHING could be further from the truth.  Whether the workout is 20 minutes, 30, 60, whatever.  The only worthless workout is the unaccomplished workout.  Study after study will bear out that a hardcore 20 minutes can be as, if not MORE beneficial than a soft 60 minutes.  Don’t you suppose that there’s a reason that P90X, Crossfit and Bootcamps are popular?  People see results.  They work.  You can get the same, if not better benefit than a traditional hour of cardio in half the time?  Sign me up!  Sign you up, too.  Get busy.  Get active.  Move.  The only workout you will regret is the one that you don’t do!

Choosing this today, not to pick on the McDonald’s corporation, but simply because it’s probably the most recognizable.  They get enough abuse, either rightly, or wrongly.  Fact is is that they are no worse (or better) than anyone else.  The purpose is to rag the fast food industry as a whole.  Not that one can NEVER indulge or treat oneself.  But there is a nice, fair portion of the population that will almost entirely subsist on it.  That’s just gross.  People who eat fast food meal after meal, day after day.  I don’t have time to cook.  I don’t know how to cook.  Excuses, excuses.  Make the time.  We make time for what’s important.  I’ve written and said it before.  But that’s not the point today.  The funniest part is is that the companies snipe at each other, claiming that one is better than the other.  KFC runs a campaign asking “What part of the chicken is the McNugget?  My guess?  Same part that “popcorn” chicken comes from.  Chickens don’t grow popcorn just like they don’t grow nuggets,  guys.  Taco bell is claiming “gourmet burritos, like Chipotle.  Not likely the same quality of ingredient there.  C’mon.  Everything they have, make and sell is full of processes and preservatives.  There aren’t things there that are good for you.  Like I said….every once in a while, indulge.  Go nuts.  It’s a treat, not a lifestyle.  And if you choose to MAKE it a lifestyle, don’t sue the company for making you fat…dummy!  At that point, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.  Own up!

…Coconuts/Coconut Oil.  This is a re-post from a peer who owns his own fitness facility. Small Group Fitness in Downers Grove, IL.  Great information about one of the TRUE superfoods in the world.

This is a picture of the Sabino Family garden.  No better way to know where your food is coming from then to grow it yourself.  Kind of disappointed that we lost virtually ALL of our peas to the heat this year, though.  Lot of colors and lots of good food.  The box was easy to build (if I can do it, anyone can) and the cost was minimal.  Pays for itself in probably the second season, if not the first.  The boys love it because they can just pick all of their faves right off the plants and eat them.  I should have a second picture of the 2nd box up in a bit (waiting for transmittal).


Always looking to add more perspective and education to make a better teacher and trainer. Part 1 last month, part 2 this weekend.

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