Choosing this today, not to pick on the McDonald’s corporation, but simply because it’s probably the most recognizable.  They get enough abuse, either rightly, or wrongly.  Fact is is that they are no worse (or better) than anyone else.  The purpose is to rag the fast food industry as a whole.  Not that one can NEVER indulge or treat oneself.  But there is a nice, fair portion of the population that will almost entirely subsist on it.  That’s just gross.  People who eat fast food meal after meal, day after day.  I don’t have time to cook.  I don’t know how to cook.  Excuses, excuses.  Make the time.  We make time for what’s important.  I’ve written and said it before.  But that’s not the point today.  The funniest part is is that the companies snipe at each other, claiming that one is better than the other.  KFC runs a campaign asking “What part of the chicken is the McNugget?  My guess?  Same part that “popcorn” chicken comes from.  Chickens don’t grow popcorn just like they don’t grow nuggets,  guys.  Taco bell is claiming “gourmet burritos, like Chipotle.  Not likely the same quality of ingredient there.  C’mon.  Everything they have, make and sell is full of processes and preservatives.  There aren’t things there that are good for you.  Like I said….every once in a while, indulge.  Go nuts.  It’s a treat, not a lifestyle.  And if you choose to MAKE it a lifestyle, don’t sue the company for making you fat…dummy!  At that point, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.  Own up!