So, if you’re anything like me, you spent most of the weekend with the TV on.  And this weekend I made an exception.  Usually, if I”m watching the tube, it is something relatively mindless (Simpsons, Family Guy, or a movie that I’ve ALREADY seen, so I don’t have to worry about thinking).  This weekend, it was the Olympics.  And I hope that you had it on, too.  Not for the rah, rah aspect.  It’s nice, but I could honestly care less who wins most of the events.  But for the shear commitment to excellence that these athletes make.  The sacrifices that they make in order to be at the top of their respective games.  They don’t over-indulge when they really want to.  They train even when they don’t want to.  They give everything that they have every day.  Makes you feel kind of bad about not working out today, doesn’t it?   But I encourage you to watch the Olympics for the spectacle of it.  The pure physical prowess and the skill.  Watch them swim, run, jump and throw.  If you truly sit back and think about it, it’s astounding.  Really breathtaking how AWESOME these men and women (from every country) are.  Think of the commitment, the sacrifice and the ABILITY that these athletes are putting on display for the world, and appreciate it in a whole new light.   Now go and make a commitment of your own.