August 2012

OK, so I know that all of you have those pictures of yourself that you look back on and say “What could I have possibly been thinking?!”  Most of mine involve french-rolled jeans and me with hair.  Yikes!!  Well, let’s remember back a ways to some fitness fashions that you may, or may not have been part of. Let’s also revel in the fact that these fashion trends are dead and should remain that way (like bell-bottoms and wide lapels).

The Ab-Belt

God Bless As Seen on TV ads.  Without them we would have so much less to ridicule.  What happens when you mix late night booze and a credit card?  Some of the awesomest products ever!!  I have an idea.  Let’s make something electronic that goes right on your skin and creates heat.  Let’s see, when the human body gets hot, it sweats.  Sweat is water and we’ll mix that with electricity……right.  People were suffering up to 2nd degree abdominal burns.  Sheesh!









Leg Warmers

The Jane Fonda/Richard Simmons special.  If you took a step class in the 80’s you wore leg warmers.  They were usually accompanied by an equally atrocious leotard.  People wanted to be dancers, gymnasts and exercisers all at once.  Just a travesty, and oddly enough have been making a come back in more recent years to main stream fashion.  I guess bell-bottoms came back for  a while, as well.  We don’t learn lessons once, it usually takes twice.  Now when I see platform shoes with fish in them come back…..I’m in!













You guys have heard me rant on this tip for over a year.  Actually before both Reebok and Skechers were hit with class action lawsuits.  Supposedly the SHOE was supposed to increase muscular activation and posture, etc.  It didn’t (big surprise) and even lessened the amount of work that the muscles had to do.  Thusly making the easiest cardiovascular exercise available that much easier.  And people having claims of weight loss due to the shoes?  Don’t you think that the fact that you are simply up and active had more to do with it?  Hell, walk in stilletos if that’s all it takes.









My personal fave here.  Zubaz were TERRIBLE!!  Ugly from the get go.  Like there was a mating between a cotton plant and the Fruit Stripe gum zebra (another 80’s reference that only some of you will get).  Just an explosion of hideous-ness.  I feel that Zubaz were like Steven Segal….Even when they were cool, they really weren’t that cool.  Enough said.


So we all know that obesity carries a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer.  But can being fat even make you dumber?  Well, it appears so.  The results of a 10-year study are in, and it appears that obesity can lead to a more rapid mental decline and a higher rate of dementia amongst participants.  Over 6400 people were tested over a 10 year period.  Those who were obese showed a 22.5% faster mental decline than those who were not.  So, it appears that being fat is not only bad for your heart, but bad for your brain as well.  One more reason to be healthy, eat well, and not be fat.  Be well.

Every wonder why babies are always happy?  I’m pretty sure that they’ve got it all figured out.  The move the way that they’re supposed to, someone feeds them every time they’re hungry and takes care of all their needs.  That’s why babies are always smiling and happy.  Maybe we, as adults, should try to more emulate our kids.  What would you give to be in THAT situation again?  I’m not a buddhist, but I’m pretty sure that kids are channeling a higher being.  They see it and feel it everyday.  Everything is peaceful and everything is love.  Just like Ghandi said, right?  They actually have enlightened souls. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong!  Be more like your kids.  Love unconditionally and look for the silver lining in the dark cloud, instead of the dark cloud on a sunny day.  Be happy today!  Simple goal.  Try it.

Don’t be that gym guy.  The person who has absolutely no concern for anybody other than themselves.  Their own thoughts, opinions and time.  Those gym people are idiots and should be punished!  Feel free to add your own images in comments!  Love to have them.










The truth is is that you can.  Walking is the most basic, simple physical activity that you can do.  It may not burn the most calories, or make you elite olympian cardiovascularly fit, but for most, it does the trick.  The benefits are numerous and huge.  The more we walk, the better we feel, act and do in other areas of our lives.  So get out and walk.  Don’t circle the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for the perfect spot.  Take the further one and look at the silver lining.  Extra steps.  Anybody you know who could use a few extra steps?


Benjamin Franklin once said that the only sure things in life are death and taxes.  Well, there may be a few others, but the list is short.  There really are very few absolutes in life.  Yet we accept so much as absolute and true.  We accept it without hesitation or question.  Blindly following where many have gone before.  Little kids ask so many questions.  Trust me, I have a very inquisitive 4 and 6 year old at home.  The reason that they do is because they don’t just accept things for face value.  They want to know why.  But it’s the simplest of truths.  We should actually be more like them in some cases, instead of them more like us.  We teach them to accept things without question.  Sometimes even to the detriment of logic.  Why not question it?  Especially in exercise.  Well they’re the coach/trainer/expert, they must know best.  Wanna bet?  Ask the why.  Find out the logic.  What if it isn’t?  What if there’s a better way.  If everyone ALWAYS accepted the popular logic, the Earth would still be flat and we would cure disease with leaches.  Think about it.  Don’t assume that since it’s accepted that it’s correct.  Analyze it.  QUESTION IT!

When was the last time you threw a penny in a pond?  When was the last time you wished on a shooting star?  When was the last time that wish came true? The sad and totally non-Disney truth is that wishes don’t always (or even often) come true.  You don’t get something by simply wishing for it (not after the age of about 10, anyway).  Now, ask this one.  When was the last time that you busted your ass for something?  Worked hard for something?  So hard that you thought that you may never get there.  You scraped, scratched and clawed to get every ounce of what you wanted.  And you got it, didn’t you?  Because you EARNED it.  And how awesome did it feel to have it?  It was the best thing ever.  Your first car, house, bike, whatever the case may be.  But what about your body?  Did you work for that?  I’m talking about WORK.  Not just showing up and putting in the hours.  That’s for your job.  Your body is important.  Remember?  Scrape, scratch and claw?  It always amazes me when people wonder how other people look so good.  More women, than men (not being offensive, but girls don’t like other girls for a reason), but guys do it too.  I know why other people look good…..and so do you.  Because they EARNED it.  Every muscle, every clear pore, every reason to strut around about their “stuff”.  They sweat for it.  They may have even bled for it.  And now it’s theirs.  Don’t you want it to?  Then don’t wish that you had that body, or those arms, or those abs.  Go get ’em!