When was the last time you threw a penny in a pond?  When was the last time you wished on a shooting star?  When was the last time that wish came true? The sad and totally non-Disney truth is that wishes don’t always (or even often) come true.  You don’t get something by simply wishing for it (not after the age of about 10, anyway).  Now, ask this one.  When was the last time that you busted your ass for something?  Worked hard for something?  So hard that you thought that you may never get there.  You scraped, scratched and clawed to get every ounce of what you wanted.  And you got it, didn’t you?  Because you EARNED it.  And how awesome did it feel to have it?  It was the best thing ever.  Your first car, house, bike, whatever the case may be.  But what about your body?  Did you work for that?  I’m talking about WORK.  Not just showing up and putting in the hours.  That’s for your job.  Your body is important.  Remember?  Scrape, scratch and claw?  It always amazes me when people wonder how other people look so good.  More women, than men (not being offensive, but girls don’t like other girls for a reason), but guys do it too.  I know why other people look good…..and so do you.  Because they EARNED it.  Every muscle, every clear pore, every reason to strut around about their “stuff”.  They sweat for it.  They may have even bled for it.  And now it’s theirs.  Don’t you want it to?  Then don’t wish that you had that body, or those arms, or those abs.  Go get ’em!