Benjamin Franklin once said that the only sure things in life are death and taxes.  Well, there may be a few others, but the list is short.  There really are very few absolutes in life.  Yet we accept so much as absolute and true.  We accept it without hesitation or question.  Blindly following where many have gone before.  Little kids ask so many questions.  Trust me, I have a very inquisitive 4 and 6 year old at home.  The reason that they do is because they don’t just accept things for face value.  They want to know why.  But it’s the simplest of truths.  We should actually be more like them in some cases, instead of them more like us.  We teach them to accept things without question.  Sometimes even to the detriment of logic.  Why not question it?  Especially in exercise.  Well they’re the coach/trainer/expert, they must know best.  Wanna bet?  Ask the why.  Find out the logic.  What if it isn’t?  What if there’s a better way.  If everyone ALWAYS accepted the popular logic, the Earth would still be flat and we would cure disease with leaches.  Think about it.  Don’t assume that since it’s accepted that it’s correct.  Analyze it.  QUESTION IT!