Every wonder why babies are always happy?  I’m pretty sure that they’ve got it all figured out.  The move the way that they’re supposed to, someone feeds them every time they’re hungry and takes care of all their needs.  That’s why babies are always smiling and happy.  Maybe we, as adults, should try to more emulate our kids.  What would you give to be in THAT situation again?  I’m not a buddhist, but I’m pretty sure that kids are channeling a higher being.  They see it and feel it everyday.  Everything is peaceful and everything is love.  Just like Ghandi said, right?  They actually have enlightened souls. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong!  Be more like your kids.  Love unconditionally and look for the silver lining in the dark cloud, instead of the dark cloud on a sunny day.  Be happy today!  Simple goal.  Try it.