OK, so I know that all of you have those pictures of yourself that you look back on and say “What could I have possibly been thinking?!”  Most of mine involve french-rolled jeans and me with hair.  Yikes!!  Well, let’s remember back a ways to some fitness fashions that you may, or may not have been part of. Let’s also revel in the fact that these fashion trends are dead and should remain that way (like bell-bottoms and wide lapels).

The Ab-Belt

God Bless As Seen on TV ads.  Without them we would have so much less to ridicule.  What happens when you mix late night booze and a credit card?  Some of the awesomest products ever!!  I have an idea.  Let’s make something electronic that goes right on your skin and creates heat.  Let’s see, when the human body gets hot, it sweats.  Sweat is water and we’ll mix that with electricity……right.  People were suffering up to 2nd degree abdominal burns.  Sheesh!









Leg Warmers

The Jane Fonda/Richard Simmons special.  If you took a step class in the 80’s you wore leg warmers.  They were usually accompanied by an equally atrocious leotard.  People wanted to be dancers, gymnasts and exercisers all at once.  Just a travesty, and oddly enough have been making a come back in more recent years to main stream fashion.  I guess bell-bottoms came back for  a while, as well.  We don’t learn lessons once, it usually takes twice.  Now when I see platform shoes with fish in them come back…..I’m in!













You guys have heard me rant on this tip for over a year.  Actually before both Reebok and Skechers were hit with class action lawsuits.  Supposedly the SHOE was supposed to increase muscular activation and posture, etc.  It didn’t (big surprise) and even lessened the amount of work that the muscles had to do.  Thusly making the easiest cardiovascular exercise available that much easier.  And people having claims of weight loss due to the shoes?  Don’t you think that the fact that you are simply up and active had more to do with it?  Hell, walk in stilletos if that’s all it takes.









My personal fave here.  Zubaz were TERRIBLE!!  Ugly from the get go.  Like there was a mating between a cotton plant and the Fruit Stripe gum zebra (another 80’s reference that only some of you will get).  Just an explosion of hideous-ness.  I feel that Zubaz were like Steven Segal….Even when they were cool, they really weren’t that cool.  Enough said.