September 2012

I just want to take a moment to say congratulations to yet another graduating class from here at NPTI! You guys (and girls) are terrific trainers and are going to go make us proud. Continue to spread the good word about good exercise! We’ll miss you.

One of the most common things that I get asked right now as a trainer is “What IS Crossfit?”  Everybody’s heard of it because it has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years.  Gyms are popping up like dandelions and the Games are on ESPN for goodness sake.  And people think that Crossfit is a workout or an all out work until you puke style.  It’s not.  It’s an ideal.  An ideal of functional movements, scaled to your CURRENT ABILITIES and good food.  Not doing the same thing all the time, but constantly varying your workout so that your body becomes very “cross-trained” and fit (Cross-fit, get it?).  This will explain it better…..

What did people possibly do before we had all this wonderful medicine to cure every possible ill that we have?  Did they suffer unbearable pain every day of their lives?  Did they have headaches, body aches, and terrible terrible hang nails?  I wasn’t there, but I’m still guessing “No”.  Your grandparents didn’t take ibuprofen every day.  Or Pepto or Glucosamine every day to heal them.  They ATE.  Did you know that all of the ingredients that medicines and vitamins try to replicate are in your food?  Good, whole food.  When we were studying, we were always told…”If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, then it probably isn’t.”  Yet people rely on these manufactured things to supply them with their entire day’s worth of nutrients.  And that’s just silly.  You know what they use in smaller, less developed countries for headache?  Coconut water.  A water that is so nutrient rich, that Gatorade has made billions trying to mimic it.  Having issues with memory and/or joint function?  Fish and kale.  Things rich in Iron, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.  You get the point.  You don’t need the pills.  Your body is telling you that it needs better food.  Better fuel.  Are you listening?















I really wish that more people would subscribe to this theory.  I was just having a conversation with some people yesterday about a similar fact.  They say that when THEY go to the gym now, it is just painful to watch other people work.  That’s because they now KNOW what to do.  And when they see people crushing their bodies and crippling their spines it is painful.  Exercise and weight lifting are dangerous sports.  People pay thousands of dollars per year to get instruction in so many different sports.  Swimming, tennis, volleyball, golf, baseball, you name it.  “Hey, let me show you a better way to perform that lift.”  “No, I got this.  I know what I’m doing.”  Sure you do.  Knucklehead.  Get the instruction.  Use your body the right way.  Correct the instabilities and imbalances that you don’t even know are there.  See how much better you feel.  Back, knees, shoulders, etc.  Try it.

You know what really grinds my gears (for those of you who know I love The Family Guy, appreciate the reference)?  I don’t care that America is overweight and obese.  To the tune of 55-65% of adults.  It’s job security for me, at least in theory.  The thing that gets me is the apathy about it.  Let me set the scene for you.  My family and I are in the Wisconsin Dells.  We take the kids every spring with some friends of ours.  Shel and I are in line for the Hurricane slide while Brian and Emily are watching the kids play.  The Hurricane is the big vortex slide.  You know, the one you don’t ride if you’re pregnant or have heart issues?  Anyway, the slide has a 4 person max per tube and a weight limit of 650lbs.  So we get to the top and are a few groups from the front.  This family is up next and gets on the scale.  It’s a mom, dad and kid who can’t be more than 11-12 years old.  They get off the scale and come back to the line laughing hysterically to some friend of theirs that they only made the weight limit by 10 pounds!!  Ha Ha!  How funny!  3 of you, including a child weighed in at 640lbs!  You should be proud!  They thought it was the funniest thing in the world that they were 2 visually obese parents and were raising a visually obese child.  That’s the thing that pisses me off.  Not that they were overweight to begin with, no.  But they thought that it was funny.  They probably had a hotel room stuffed with Little Debbies and chips.  Climbing the flights of stairs to the slide was probably their exercise for that month.  Forget all the health problems that go along with being obese and blah, blah, blah.  What are you teaching that kid?!  That being morbidly obese is OK.  Not that they’ll probably be around for his wedding, college graduation, high school graduation, etc.  You’re rolling loaded dice, people.  Just because you’re playing a losing hand and continuing to bet, don’t pass crappy cards to your kids, too.  That’s what really grinds my gears!

Pretty self-explanatory, here, folks!  Enjoy!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  “Getting lots of different colors in your diet means good nutrition.”  Well, there is truth to that.  Different nutrients come in different colored foods.  It’s almost like Mother Nature had a plan, or something.  For example, oranges and yellows mean Vitamin A.  Black and dark colors mean B1 and Iron.  Greens mean lots of stuff.  Pales and whites are B-vitamins and Potassium.  so make sure that your diet every day is a colorful one.  Get as many different colors as you can.  Red, yellow, orange, white, black, green, etc.  It will help to ensure that you are not missing anything that you should have in a day, and that you will not have to rely on supplements to get what you need.  Eat healthy, be healthy.