What did people possibly do before we had all this wonderful medicine to cure every possible ill that we have?  Did they suffer unbearable pain every day of their lives?  Did they have headaches, body aches, and terrible terrible hang nails?  I wasn’t there, but I’m still guessing “No”.  Your grandparents didn’t take ibuprofen every day.  Or Pepto or Glucosamine every day to heal them.  They ATE.  Did you know that all of the ingredients that medicines and vitamins try to replicate are in your food?  Good, whole food.  When we were studying, we were always told…”If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, then it probably isn’t.”  Yet people rely on these manufactured things to supply them with their entire day’s worth of nutrients.  And that’s just silly.  You know what they use in smaller, less developed countries for headache?  Coconut water.  A water that is so nutrient rich, that Gatorade has made billions trying to mimic it.  Having issues with memory and/or joint function?  Fish and kale.  Things rich in Iron, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.  You get the point.  You don’t need the pills.  Your body is telling you that it needs better food.  Better fuel.  Are you listening?