October 2012

The journey of 1000 miles begins with it.  It’s the first step.  The very first step.  When babies take their first, they don’t know where all the steps will take them.  They just start walking and see what happens from there.  But the hardest step to take is ALWAYS the first one.  We’re afraid of where the road might lead.  And if we don’t start the journey, we never have to find out.  It’s also what keeps people from changing their bad habits and routines.  We don’t want to take the first step.  Once we get going, we build momentum and get on a roll.  It’s hard to start something when you don’t know the outcome.  But I encourage everyone out there to TAKE that first step.  Whether it be a new exercise program, career, school, whatever.  Take your step and see where you go.  Especially if the journey is a healthier lifestyle, odds are is that that first step will lead you to a better place than you are in.  One single step in the right direction is worth it.  And it often leads to others.  So take it.  Go.  Make that first step on your journey!


Massage.  Who doesn’t like one of those (Besides the completely touch-phobic, anyway)?  We know that it feels good and when you leave that you feel totally relaxed and refreshed.  But did you know that there are a lot of other benefits that go along with it?  So, in a nod to Michelle, as well, here are a bunch of the benefits that massage can bring you.  Some of this I didn’t even know.  So, it’s pretty cool all the way around.  Schedule one and make yourself feel and operate better.


Excuses are like gases.  Everyone passes them and they all stink.  Not a person in the world can honestly say that they’ve never made excuses for anything.  And every time we do it it costs us something.  Tell me, do you feel better after excusing yourself from whatever?  Or worse?  Odds are that later on, you regret it.  Every time that I make excuses not to exercise, I regret it later.  I’m too tired.  I just don’t want to. I don’t want to go out.  Trainers are no different from everyone else.  We make excuses too.  Even though we shouldn’t.  What does it cost us?  One day of fitness.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is.  Fitness is a life long journey.  We have to keep at it day after day.  We can’t give up.  The problem is is that once we start making excuses, it’s really hard to stop.  We end up making excuses for our excuses.  It just snowballs and then we’re done.  Quit.  Finished.  So don’t.  Don’t make excuses.  Make TIME.  Make energy.  Make effort.  Get up and get gone.

So, we’re back.  Sorry about the hiatus last week.  With new classes and BIG classes, things get a little bit crazy around here sometimes.  It all ended up with me spending any time that I wasn’t working this weekend in bed, sick.  Nasty, nasty cold, which I believe that I have now passed on to Shel (Sorry, babe).  Anyway, it got me to thinking about the riskiest “non-risk factor” out there.  Stress.  Stress is not considered a direct risk for anything.  But it contributes to everything!  Stress raises your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol numbers, which can contribute to heart disease.  It creates an acidic, toxic environment in your body, which can lead to illness.  It can lead to issues with your mental, physical and sexual health.  So try.  Try to reduce the stress in your life.  If you’re a meditator, meditate.  If you’re an exerciser, exercise (but remember to  be smart about it).  If you’re a writer, talker, musician, whatever.  Do what helps alleviate some of the daily stresses in your life.  Your body, heart and mind will thank you for it.

Sorry to all the followers of “The Truth” for the lack of posts this week.  Crazy busy week with new classes and lots of hours under the belt this week.  Res assured, we will have fresh new posts next week for all to share.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

So, in our last post before the marathon this weekend, maybe we’ll make this a tradition at “The Truth”.  Most of you know that I don’t agree with the premise of the marathon.  I think that it’s nuts to just run for over 4 hours without a break or a stop.  So be it.  I can respect the accomplishment, without necessarily agreeing with it, right?  So to all 40,000 involved, good luck and run well.  For the rest of us who think that you’re just a little bit crazy, here goes:

T-Rex hates push-ups, just like you.  But they’re good for you and he wishes that he could do them.  Even the strongest, biggest predators the world has ever known have dreams and wishes.  Don’t wish them, accomplish them.  If you’re feeling down and frustrated, stop eating your feelings and go workout.  You’ll feel better and be one step closer to your own genie wish.  Go get ’em, T-Rex.