So, we’re back.  Sorry about the hiatus last week.  With new classes and BIG classes, things get a little bit crazy around here sometimes.  It all ended up with me spending any time that I wasn’t working this weekend in bed, sick.  Nasty, nasty cold, which I believe that I have now passed on to Shel (Sorry, babe).  Anyway, it got me to thinking about the riskiest “non-risk factor” out there.  Stress.  Stress is not considered a direct risk for anything.  But it contributes to everything!  Stress raises your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol numbers, which can contribute to heart disease.  It creates an acidic, toxic environment in your body, which can lead to illness.  It can lead to issues with your mental, physical and sexual health.  So try.  Try to reduce the stress in your life.  If you’re a meditator, meditate.  If you’re an exerciser, exercise (but remember to  be smart about it).  If you’re a writer, talker, musician, whatever.  Do what helps alleviate some of the daily stresses in your life.  Your body, heart and mind will thank you for it.