December 2012

Meatball’s movie moment.  Bill Murray getting all the nerds all revved up for the camp competition with the speech about it just doesn’t matter.  Excellent moment.  It doesn’t matter who is out there.  That they are bigger than you.  Stronger than you.  Taller than you.  They are not better than you, because you are not in competition with them.  Look in the mirror, there’s your competition.  Your challenge isn’t to be better than everyone else, it’s to be better than you were yesterday!  That’s the motivation that comes from within each one of us.  To be better than we were yesterday.  A better teacher, spouse, friend, etc.  A better and more healthy person.  Your motivation in the mirror should be all that you need on a daily basis.  To go out an make yourself better than you were yesterday.  So be a better exerciser.  Fitter, faster, thinner and stronger than you were yesterday.  Feel good about yourself the rest of the day.  Then wake up again tomorrow, look yourself in the mirror and go be better than the person that you see.



You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet.  So simple and yet so true.  It underscores the value of good food.  Quality nutrition.  In our day and age of technology and consciousness, we are actually seeing MORE food related intolerances and deficiencies than ever before.  This is not due to a lack of available food, but a lack of good QUALITY food.  Much of the food that we have accessible to us today is chock full of preservatives, additives and chemicals that wreak havoc inside our bodies.  In food, just like in all else, simplicity is the best path to ultimate wellness.  The more pure a food source, the more nutrient dense it is going to be.  The more modified that it is, the harsher it is going to be inside the body.  So, as you shop, don’t just pick up stuff off the shelf, read the label.  If you can’t pronounce half the stuff on the list, then put it back.  If it contains genetically modified products, put it back.  Know your sources and where your food comes from.  Hell, grow some of it yourself (in season, of course).  That way, you know exactly what’s in it, and more importantly, what’s not.  You are what you eat, so eat well.

nutrition--you are what you eat, what you eat becomes a part of you.preview you-are-what-you-eat

This is always one of my biggest pet peeves.  People who work out and are inconsiderate and just plain disgusting.  If you’re going to the gym, have some etiquette and courtesy towards others.  Follow the simple rules and everyone will be happier.

Gym Rules

It makes me a bad person and I”m probably going to the hot place for this one, but I think it’s hilarious!

Did you ever wonder why bacon cheeseburgers are so good?  It’s the combination of 3 of the most wonderful substances on Earth.  It’s bacon, cheese and meat.  Where do you possibly go wrong?  Vegetarians are totally missing out.  Especially with bacon.  It’s like edible pixie dust.  It’s hard (not impossible, but difficult) to find things that bacon DOESN’T make better.  Sprinkle almost any food, from salads, to eggs, to meat with bacon and cheese, and it’s automatically a more delicious food.  And now that we know that the whole saturated fat and cholesterol thing isn’t nearly as bad as the fear-campaigns would have you believe, then go on.  Don’t necessarily indulge at every meal of every day, but don’t be afraid to go after it once in a while.

Eat Bacon