Meatball’s movie moment.  Bill Murray getting all the nerds all revved up for the camp competition with the speech about it just doesn’t matter.  Excellent moment.  It doesn’t matter who is out there.  That they are bigger than you.  Stronger than you.  Taller than you.  They are not better than you, because you are not in competition with them.  Look in the mirror, there’s your competition.  Your challenge isn’t to be better than everyone else, it’s to be better than you were yesterday!  That’s the motivation that comes from within each one of us.  To be better than we were yesterday.  A better teacher, spouse, friend, etc.  A better and more healthy person.  Your motivation in the mirror should be all that you need on a daily basis.  To go out an make yourself better than you were yesterday.  So be a better exerciser.  Fitter, faster, thinner and stronger than you were yesterday.  Feel good about yourself the rest of the day.  Then wake up again tomorrow, look yourself in the mirror and go be better than the person that you see.