Everybody is always wondering how they can squeeze the most productivity, enjoyment and life out of every given day.  Well, at least if you don’t, you should.  Yet, most people don’t take the necessary steps in order to do so.  You can’t just WANT to have a great day and just expect it to happen.  You have to participate!  Here are some helpful steps to get you on your way to a better today and therefore, a better tomorrow:

1.  Eat Breakfast.  Listen, for all intents and purposes, your body is a machine.  And just like any other machine, it runs on fuel.  If you are not a person who eats breakfast, what are you doing?  You are forcing your body (machine) to run on an empty tank and fumes until you decide to put something in it.  Also, on that note, coffee and a donut are NOT breakfast.  You need something substantial.  It is shown repeatedly that people who eat breakfast are more productive in their days.  Getting food into the system helps to kick start the neural function in the brain.  Makes you think better and reason more efficiently.  Not only that, but it also gets your metabolism going for the day.  Therefore, you burn more calories and lose more weight.  Studies confirm that breakfast eaters have an easier time losing weight.  So get some FOOD.  Eggs, whole grain cereals, oatmeal, fruit, milk, etc.   Get that body going.

2.  Exercise your body.  Of course you have to exercise your body.  That’s just silly.  If there were no benefits to exercise, then the purpose of this blog would be relatively moot, now wouldn’t it?  I won’ t belabor this point too much.  We’ve talked and talked about the benefits of exercise.  But just as a side note, exercise has also been proven to improve brain function, as well.  Physical activity excites the neural centers in the brain, and in a ground-breaking study (done right in Naperville), showed that physical activity improved students’ test scores.  Those results transfer to a work environment, as well.

3.  Exercise your mind.  In addition to working out your body, you have to work out your brain.  Treat it just like any other muscle in your body.  If  you work with it, it will stay strong and healthy.  If you don’t it will atrophy and deteriorate.  People who keep their brains active run less risk of mental decline, dementia and alzheimer’s.  I like to read.  Try to do so every day.  I’m one of the few who still gets the newspaper delivered every day.  I also like the crosswords (almost finished the whole thing yesterday without the help of the internet…..mother).  Never got into the Sudoku much, but that works, too.  Anything that makes your brain work, works!

4. Sleep.  In order to function properly, you know that your body requires recovery.  The brain needs its rest, as well.  Gotta get ample sleep every night (at least 6-8 hours depending on what you read) in order for you to function at an optimal level.  Get your rest and recharge your batteries.  Wake up, eat a good breakfast and start all over again.

Have a great day tomorrow and keep pressing to be a better you!