“If you’re afraid of failure, then you don’t deserve to succeed.”  Pretty powerful quote.  You’d probably never in a million years guess who said it.  Charles Barkley.  I said the same thing, right?  The guy is crazy, but his sentiment here is right on target.  Those people who are afraid to fail at something are fundamentally unable to succeed at it.  It is mental self-sabotage.  Nobody goes through life without failure.  Athletes fail.  Parents fail.  I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump was broke at some point and ran failed businesses (not to mention failed haircuts).  But you can’t be afraid to fail.  Even in something as simple as exercise, failure is inevitable.  It happens.  They key is to not let it get inside your head and eat at you.  People don’t try because they are afraid that if they do they won’t be good at it.  Or they’ve tried before and failed.  Then try again.  This time might be your time.  If you get knocked down seven times, get up eight.  Every failure teaches you a lesson of what doesn’t work.  Take that, build on it and take one step closer to success.  You will succeed, I promise.  But you can’t be afraid to fall down in order to do so.

success vs. failure(2) success vs. failure