So.  One of the hottest dietary fads lately is the cleanse.  Master cleanse, juice cleanse, medical cleanse, etc.  The premise being that if you do this cleanse (7-day, 10-day, month, whatever) that you will magically detoxify your body.  Release all the bad stuff that you have spent a lifetime accumulating, lose a ton of weight and be healthy.  C’mon!!  You know the way to detoxify your body?  Don’t cleanse, clean.  I mean eat clean.  Get rid of all the processed, genetically modified junk food in your diet and eat good wholesome food.  Your body only builds up toxins because you eat food that it doesn’t know how to deal with.  If you eat whole food, good food, your body can process it the right way, and there is no toxic buildup.  Imagine that.  And the nice thing is is that it’s never too late to start.  If you start eating cleaner today, your body has the amazing ability to re-balance itself from wherever it is.  It may take more than 10 days, but you can return to a state of health.  Put good things in and the bad things will move out.  I’m not saying that the diet has to be perfect, and there’s no room for a treat now and again, but  you could make an effort.  Eating clean for a day doesn’t entitle you to an entire box of Munchkins.  But what about the weight loss that people see on cleanse diets?  That simply comes from the fact that you aren’t eating ANYTHING!  Literally.  Most cleanses are liquid-based.  So the caloric intake is completely limited.  Your body sheds a ton of water, lean body tissue, and yes a little bit of body fat.  Guess what happens when the 10 days is over and people start eating their garbage food again.  “Hello 10 lbs, good to see you.  Oh, you brought 4 lbs of friends with you?  Great, the more the merrier.”  You can fool your body, but not for long.  You have to be good to it.  Eat clean and be healthy.  Live well.

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